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For everyone else shooting studio strobes, you can september lekmer see a lära huge rabattkod variety of beauty lekmer dishes from B H Photo Video here.
With the gratis Mark II, which features a skicka different, slightly larger reflector, anywhere from 17mm to 200mm produces just about the rabattkod same effect.You'll probably want a pair of earplugs while you're cutting the present metal.Be sure to check out the samples I posted earlier for an idea of this present beauty dish's output.Step 3: After the mounting holes and flash rabattkod opening are marked out (I used present an ultra- fine point Sharpie get to work with the power tools.Step 2: Using the stencil selma for the flash opening, mark out on the dish where you'll need to cut.The Mark II design that I present here is presentkort the result of a few different trials conducted with the first version of this DIY Beauty dish, most extensively with the internal reflector.The principle skicka of a beauty dish is relatively simple: till flash is fired through the back of a large concave dish into a smaller reflector, which returns optimalprint the flash into the bowl for an outward projection of indirect light.For the main component the reflecting dish Chris optimalprint and I used a 16-quart stainless selma steel mixing bowl (which looks identical to this 16-quart stainless steel mixing bowl from m).I did four coats on the interior of the bowl and and about six on the exterior of the beauty dish, with a light sanding with 320-grit sandpaper in between coats.Perfect for a DIY beauty dish.After gratis scouring Google, Flickr, and various photography websites, I had a good idea of how present I wanted present to approach my DIY beauty dish.Chris for the holidays, we decided to undertake construction of the Mark II design.Of course, the irony resa of the adjustable return presentkort is that you really presentkort only need to adjust it once to get the sweet spot for difussion.A number of users seem to have had good results from similar speedring/bracket combos available on eBay, which go for about 30 USD.I love using this lens up-close and personal, where it excels.What, No 3 Auto Mirror in the Internal Reflector?There's also a model for 12-16 diameter beauty dishes.If you're looking for a beauty dish for your lekmer small flash and don't have the power tools to make my design, I recommend these choices.For efficiency, this sounds great, but when I looked at most commercial beauty dishes, present they all featured white returns skicka and no specular reflection. Since the internal reflector is held in place by the jam nuts on internal reflector, just screw gratis on the jam nuts closer or gratis farther away from the flash to adjust.
Due to the relatively small size, I think this beauty dish will work out great for band portraits and promos, either on a boom or simply on a light stand.